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She Likes Todd started out as a young group of naive
kids playing music in a basement circa 1999. Years went
by as SLT honed their skills and developed a style of
music they could call their own. Drawing inspiration
from groups such as NOFX, Slapstick, Lagwagon, and
Propagandhi, SLT evolved from a pop punk trio into
a fast-paced, melodic punk group that could
not be ignored.

After years of garage mixes and self recorded albums,
SLT released "Falling Much Too Fast" in 2005. The
13-song cd recorded at The Bombshelter by Dan
Precision is an intense high-speed punk rock album
that was their first step towards becoming a serious group.
With renewed excitement and unstoppable determination,
SLT threw chance into the wind, bought a van and hit
the road. In late 2005,SLT left for their first mini-tour
from sweet home Chicago to Toronto. While shows were
small and times were rough, SLT never gave up and
learned how the business worked along the way.

In 2006, SLT continued to play furiously, playing about
70 shows over the year. While most of the year they
would play 3-day weekend in the Midwest, summer of
'06 was SLT's first major self booked and promoted tour.
Over 5 weeks, SLT toured from Chicago to San Diego
and back, playing 20+ shows everywhere from Reno,
NV to Wichita, KS. They even played L.A. at the Anarchy
Library with punk legends D.I. While at home, they
continually worked on new material and started
getting spots on larger shows at better venues.

Shortly after the '06 tour, SLT took a major step forward
by adding the guitar genius, Kyle Tilev, to the group.
In no time at all it was clear that Kyle's style and
intensity was the X-factor they had been thirsting for,
and again the band had renewed excitement to what
the future held. In 2007 the guys teamed up with the
Chicagoland punk trio Rule 22 and tore up another
west coast tour. Playing 22 shows in 24 days, the two
bands headed west with a fury. The tag team lineup was
a great success. Touring on the split album "Lifestyles of
the Poor and Fameless," the two bands played shows
for 50+ people on average, made record store
appearances and did some radio interviews
along the way.

In 2008, longtime drummer and band namesake Todd
Josefson left SLT to help out Rule 22 when they lost
their drummer. With doubts in their minds, and rumors
of a break up, She Likes Todd decided to continue on
without Todd and enrolled Dennis Tynan to fill the spot.
Dennis had been a fan of the band and musical
counterpart to any side projects that Rob and Kyle were
involved in. After avoiding demise with only a small
hiccup, the band has only had their sights set forward
and made progress towards being a well-tuned
musical machine.

PART 3 - RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW (press release)

So what does 2009 hold in store for She Likes Todd?
In February, they began recording a 7" record called
"Expose Reality". After a month and a half of
constant work, they have recorded the best
material they have written to date. The album was
recorded by Kyle Tilev and SLT in a warehouse, minus
the drums, which were recorded by Mark Michalik at
Mystery Street Studios. Mark also mixed the album,
which was produced by She Likes Todd and is being
sent to West West Side Music for mastering by
legendary engineer, Alan Douches.

The band has redefined their sound, drawing influences
from several genres of music, and developing more
complex and melodic songs with interesting vocals,
The songs are well thought out, lyrically and musically,
and the composition of songs has never been so
involved. With seamless song changes that bring you
through the 14 minutes of music, the album definitely
sets a mood.

Intense, intelligent, driven, focused. She Likes Todd has
their goals set high, aiming no lower than spreading
their sound around the globe. With plans of
international touring and distribution, constant song
writing, and quality recordings in the works, She Likes
Todd shows no signs of slowing down. Relentless, they will
find a way to keep doing what they do best, playing music
on a regular basis, growing up, and pushing the limits
of what they are capable of by continuously pushing
each other forward.



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